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Europe & World Gold Coins
Recommended for bulk gold buyers!

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European and world gold coins are an overlooked but very promising sector of today's gold market. Minted mostly pre-1935, these classic gold coins from many nations offer all of the benefits of modern gold bullion coins plus extra benefits like limited supply, collector demand, financial privacy, and extra premium potential because of scarcity.

Better than bullion

In our opinion, Europen and world gold coins are better than bullion for bulk gold buyers. Their fundamental scarcity can mean higher premiums during periods of peak demand. And unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements.

AGE offers a wide variety of high-quality European and World gold coins. All of our coins are carefully hand-selected for quality and eye-appeal. Please call 1-800-613-9323 and speak with one of our friendly, knowledgeable account managers for the best values in today's market.

AGE's Europe & World Gold Coins
Basis: Gold @ $1287.87 per oz. Updated: 08/17/2017 14:02:02
Shipping and handling: $30 per package under $5,000; $35 per package under $100,000.
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Obverse Nation Denom Design Dates
Grade Gold oz.
As low as
Argentina5 Peso
Liberty Head1881-1896XF-AU.2334$315.59
Belgium20 FrancLeopold II1867-1882BU.1867$260.45
Brazil10,000 ReisPedro II1853-1889XF-AU.2643$364.38
Brazil20,000 ReisPedro II1851-1889VF-XF.5286$716.77
Edward VII1902-1910BU.2354$329.16
George V1911-1935BU.2354$324.16
Denmark20 KronerFrederick VIII1908-1912BU.2592$362.82
Denmark20 KronerChristian X1913-1917BU.2592$362.82
France40 FrancNapoleon I1807-1813VF-XF.3734$562.53
France 20 FrancNapoleon III1853-1870AU.1867$261.45
Obverse Nation Denom Design Dates
Grade Gold oz.
As low as
France20 FrancAngel1871-1898BU.1867$267.45
France100 FrancAngel1878-1914AU.9335$1442.67
France20 FrancRooster1899-1914BU.1867$256.44
Germany20 MarkWilhelm II 1888-1915BU.2304$327.73
Italy20 LireUmberto I1880-1897BU .1867$261.45
Netherlands10 Guilder
Willem III1875-1889BU.1947$273.75
Netherlands10 Guilder
Sweden20 Kroner
Oscar II1872-1902BU.2592$379.82
Switzerland20 FrancHelvetia
Uruguay5 PesoJose Artigas1930BU.2501$343.10
Obverse Nation Denom Design Dates
Grade Gold oz.
As low as
Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Benefits of European & World gold coins

Low prices, great value. Relatively few gold buyers are aware of these classic European and World gold coins so prices remain relatively low. In most cases, they trade at modest premiums over modern bullion coins like Eagles, Maple Leafs, and Krugerrands. Yet they're a much better value, offering all of the advantges of bullion plus extremely limited supply, high collector demand, and complete financial privacy--all for very little additional cost.

True scarcity. Supplies are extremely limited to what has survived the ravages of time, melt downs, hoarding, and other means of attrition. Modern bullion coins are produced every year in virtually unlimited numbers, which means they offer no premium for scarcity.

Easy liquidity. European and World gold coins are collected across the globe, ensuring constant demand and easy liquidity.

Financial privacy. Unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements.

True historical significance. European and World gold coins are fascinating pieces of historical artwork commemorating the cultural values and important leaders of their respective nations of origin. -->

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