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France 100 Franc, AU
Angel design (1878-1914) 

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France 100 Franc, AU Obverse France 100 Franc, AU Reverse

French 100 franc Angels are among the most impressive and desirable of all large European gold coins minted pre-1933. Their magnificent "Guardian Angel" design really pops from the surface of this huge, hefty issue, which is five times the weight of the extremely popular 20 franc Angel.

Similar in size to U.S. $20 Liberty and Saint-Gaudens double eagles, 100 franc Angels are far scarcer in Almost Uncirculated (AU) grade, yet they trade at just a small premium over the equivalent U.S. $20 gold coins of the same era, making them an outstanding value. Their exceptional scarcity is due to their extremely low original mintages. Merely 458,082 coins were struck for the entire series, with only 10,000 to 30,000 produced each year. By contrast, U.S. $20 gold coins of the same era often had mintages of 1.5 million or more in a single year!

Legend of the Lucky Angel

Originally created during the French Revolution by Augustine Dupré, the "Guardian Angel" design was considered a lucky charm from the start. Dupré claimed to have been saved from the guillotine by the Angel coin in his pocket; French pilots in World War I rarely took flight without one in their kit; and German fighter pilots received an Angel for every fifth Allied plane shot down during World War II.

The 100 franc Angel features a lettered edge. From 1878 to 1906, the lettering read DIEU PROTÉGÉ LA FRANCE. From 1907 to 1914, it read LIBERTÉ ÉGALITÉ FRATERNITÉ, the slogan of the French Revolution.

We also have a very limited number of France 100 franc Angels in Mint State grades from MS60 to MS63, certified by NGC. They won't last long! Please call 1-800-613-9323 for prices and availability.

Key Benefits

• True scarcity. Fewer than half a million were minted, all years combined. Equivalent-era U.S. $20 gold coins had mintages of 1.5 million in one year!
• Large size, gorgeous design The magnificent
• Better than bullion. All the benefits of gold bullion plus extra benefits collector demand, financial privacy, and extra premium potential because of scarcity.

France 100 Franc, Angel

Minted: 1878-1914
Content: .9335 oz. pure gold
Weight: 32.2581 grams

How to buy

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