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France 40 Franc, VF-XF
Napoleon I design (1807-1813) 

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France 40 Franc, VF-XF Obverse France 40 Franc, VF-XF Reverse

First cache in 10 years!

We're extremely excited to offer 40 franc Napoleons again! It’s been 10 years since we last located a cache of these exceptionally scarce and historic yet remarkably low-priced coins!

Minted more than 200 years ago, French 40 franc Napoleon I gold coins in Very Fine to Extra Fine (VF-XF) condition are among our favorites for bulk gold investors. Featuring the profile of Emperor Napoleon I crowned with laurel leaves, these classic European coins combine true scarcity, larger size, and fascinating history with very low premiums to make a superb value in today's gold market.

The Corsican Upstart

Although nicknamed "The Corsican Upstart" by the contemporary British press, Napoleon Bonaparte stands alongside Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar among the most feared and respected military leaders in Western history. He was also a tireless civil administrator who devised many changes in French government and social life that persist even today.

Napoleon ordered all gold coinage not bearing his image to be melted down, so most coins remaining from that era have been heavily circulated and are quite worn. Uncirculated 40 franc Napoleons are exceedingly rare today. Our VF-XF coins, also quite scarce, have been carefully selected for top quality and eye-appeal within grade.

French 40 franc Napoleons in VF-XF condition trade at a small premium to their intrinsic gold bullion value in today's market, which is astonishing when you consider their age, scarcity, and history. Yet, because they are scarce collectible coins, they have the potential to gain in value faster than bullion during a rising gold market, making them a better value than regular bullion coins for bulk gold investors.

Key Benefits

• Better than bullion. For virtually the same price per ounce as modern bullion coins, our 40 franc Napoleons offer extra benefits like limited supply, constant collector demand, complete financial privacy, and extra profit potential because of scarcity.
• Old, historic, scarce. Unlike bullion coins, which are produced in unlimited numbers each year, 40 franc Napoleons are in severely limited supply. Such scarcity can mean extra leverage to a rising gold price.
• Private, liquid, secure. Unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements.

France 40 Franc, Napoleon I

Minted: 1807-1813
Content: .3734 oz. pure gold
Weight: 12.9 grams

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