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Netherlands 10 Guilder 'Queen,' BU
Wilhelmina design (1911-1933)

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Netherlands 10 Guilder 'Queen,' BU Obverse
Netherlands 10 Guilder 'Queen,' BU Reverse

Netherlands 10 guilder Queens in choice Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) condition are an excellent choice for bulk gold buyers. They offer all the benefits of gold bullion plus extra benefits like limited supply, collector demand, complete financial privacy, and extra premium potential because of scarcity.

Minted from 1911 to 1933, these classic European gold coins feature Queen Wilhelmina, whose reign from 1890 to 1948 was the longest of any Dutch monarch. A beloved leader of anti-Nazi resistance during World War II, she became known as the "world's richest woman" because of her business acumen and investments.

Exceptional scarcity, great value

Slightly larger in size and gold content than the ever-popular French 20 franc Angels and Roosters, Dutch 10 guilder Queens are much scarcer in the market. Yet they're trading today for nearly the same price, making them one of the best values in European gold coins.

Unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements. In our opinion, they're better than bullion for bulk gold buyers.

Key Benefits

Low prices. Dutch Queens are among the least expensive European gold coins on the market!
Exceptional scarcity. BU Dutch Queens are much scarcer than French Angels, Roosters, and Swiss Helvetias but trade for almost the same cost. Their true scarcity can mean higher premiums during periods of peak demand.
Private, liquid, secure. Unlike most forms of gold bullion, they are exempt from broker reporting requirements.

Dutch 10 Guilder, Wilhelmina

Minted: 1911-1933
Content: .1947 oz. pure gold
Weight: 6.7290 grams

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Basis: gold @ $1,288.00 -- Updated: 08/17/2017
Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Price per coin $271.77 $268.77 $267.77 $266.77 $265.77

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