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U.S. Peace Silver Dollars
Brilliant Uncirculated condition

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Peace Dollar Obverse Peace Dollar Reverse

A fantastic silver buy today!

First minted in 1921, the Peace Dollar was created to commemorate the end of “The Great War” and to celebrate America’s emergence as the pre-eminent world power. Designed by the renowned medalist Anthony De Francisci, this inspiring coin features a radiant profile of Miss Liberty on the obverse. A powerful image of the American Eagle graces the reverse, perched on the rock of Peace and proudly watching the sunrise of a hopeful new era of national strength and prosperity. Throughout the Roaring Twenties, Peace Dollars jingled in American pockets and let the good times roll! By the mid-1930s, however, the Great Depression was upon us and the world was readying for war once again. In 1935, the U.S. government ceased the production of Peace Dollars altogether, and would never again mint a dollar coin from real silver. Nonetheless, the Peace dollar remains a symbol of unwavering American optimism and resilience during the best and worst of times, and will always be treasured as the last true American silver dollar.

Now is a great time for silver!

Now is a great time to take advantage of an unusually strong investment climate for silver. Based on a combination of factors -- current silver mining volume, above-ground supplies, industrial demand, and investor demand -- many market analysts believe that the natural price of silver should be somewhere between $15 and $20 per ounce today.

We agree that silver has the potential for a substantial gain in price. Industrial demand for silver is on the rise, and is expected to exceed 850 milllion ounces this year. Mining and scrap recovery operations, however, are projected to produce only some 650 million ounces, leaving an industrial supply deficit of around 200 million ounces. Because of silver’s unique combination of properties -- it’s highly malleable and conductive, fatigue and corrosion resistant, with high tensile strength, etc. -- very few industrial subsitutes exist, and none that are cost-effective. Simple economics tell the story: with strong ongoing demand and a large deficit in the supply chain, prices for silver should rise.

More and more, investors and collectors are turning to silver bullion and coins, whether to secure their investment portfolios against the risk of uncertain times, or simply to build their collections. In periods of economic uncertaintly and inflation, silver is an excellent way to balance out paper investments and reduce overall risk. U.S. Silver Eagles, those bullion-only coins manufactured by the U.S. Mint, have witnessed a huge surge in popularity recently. Frenzied demand for these coins has also been driven by TV promotions, as well as by all the new collectors attracted by the wonderful State Quarter program. As legions of new collectors seek out other coins for their collections, many are discovering the fascinating history and natural beauty of classic U.S. silver coinage. Any way you look at it, demand for silver is on the rise.

Peace Dollar Roll

With over twenty years of experience in the metals markets, we’ve observed time and time again that when market conditions become bullish, the value of classic coinage almost always increases more than bullion alone. This is one of the reasons why classic U.S. Peace silver dollars dollars are such a terrific value today.

Peace Dollars offer all the investment advantages of silver bullion, plus the added profit potential that comes with being scarce collectible coins. Unlike modern U.S. Silver Eagles, classic Peace silver dollars were minted nearly a century ago and are extremely limited in supply today. When the market heats up, classic silver coins like the Canadian silver dollar (minted 1936-1967), U.S. Morgan silver dollars (minted 1878-1904) and Peace silver dollars (minted 1921-1935) can appreciate in multiples of their underlying silver value.

And the best part is, Peace dollars today are still downright cheap!

U.S. Peace Silver Dollars -- A smart buy in silver.

Aside from the compelling historical and aesthetic reasons to own them, these coins in Brilliant Uncirculated condition are an excellent investment opportunity in today’s market.

Here’s why:

  • True scarcity. Unlike modern U.S. Silver Eagles, which are in virtually unlimited supply, these classic Peace silver dollars are limited to what was made decades ago. Existing market supplies are lower than we’ve seen in years.

  • Low price. In the past twenty years, U.S. Peace silver dollars have sold for multiples of today's low price.

  • Excellent international liquidity. U.S. Peace silver dollars are recognized the world over by collectors and dealers alike for their high silver content and exceptional minting. So much so that Peace silver dollars trade worldwide today, when offered for sale.

  • Complete financial privacy. Unlike some modern bullion pieces, which must be reported to the IRS by brokers, there are no reporting requirements when you sell classic Peace silver dollars.

  • Most already lost to the ravages of time. Peace silver dollars were minted for financial use. Most were placed directly into circulation and used as currency. As a result, most are well worn and have long since lost all real collector value. In addition, when silver hit $50 an ounce in 1980, untold hundreds of thousands of classic silver coins from all over the world were sold by the public to dealers, who in turn sold them to refiners. The “great melting pot” of 1980 reduced the known number of surviving classic silver coins dramatically, probably by half or more. Far fewer coins survive today than many realize. Our twenty plus years of trading this market have proven to us how scarce these coins actually are, and what a great buy they are today!

Now you may add scarce, classic silver coins to your portfolio
for little more than the price of bullion.

These coins are limited in availability.
Buy now and don’t miss out!

Special Pricing:

1-9 Rolls $640
10-19 Rolls $630
20+ Rolls Call
Basis: silver @ $15.73
Updated: 03/13/2015
Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated
Dates our choice (1922 & 1923). 20 coins per roll. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

U.S. Peace silver dollars
Designer: Anthony De Francisci
Minted: 1921 - 1935
Weight: 26.73 grams
Composition: .900 silver/.100 copper
Net silver content: 0.77344 oz.
Size: 38.1 mm diameter

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Peace Dollar Obverse Peace Dollar Reverse

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First minted in 1921, the Peace Dollar was created to commemorate the end of “The Great War” and to celebrate America’s emergence as the pre-eminent world power.