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Morgan Silver Dollar Sets, MS64

We are excited to offer a special 10-coin set of Morgan Silver Dollars in near-gem Mint State 64 grade at extremely low prices with free shipping!

Morgan Silver Dollars in MS64 are exceedingly scarce today, yet they are trading at around half of their 2011 market high, making them an excellent value in today's silver market. We think they should not be passed up!

This special set includes 10 different combinations of dates and mints, with at least two coins from each of the historic Philadelphia (denoted P with no mintmark showing), San Francisco (S), and New Orleans (O) Mints. It also includes the 1921 Morgan Dollar, the last Morgan dollar ever minted, which is often considered a type unto itself.

Each coin in your 10-coin collection has been independently certified by PCGS or NGC for grade, authenticity, and technical merit, and sealed in a plastic holder for protection. We further screen them for strong eye-appeal, making sure every single coin is something you will treasure for years to come. They are delivered in a handy, hard-plastic NGC coin box for easy storage and enjoyment.

Buying Morgan Silver Dollars MS64

Morgan Silver Dollars are one of the most popular and highly collected of all classic U.S. coins. They were struck at four different mints from 1878 to 1904, and again at three mints in 1921. These big, heavy silver coins harken back to when the U.S. was growing from rough and tumble territories and small towns into big cities and ultimately a major world power. In near gem MS64 grade, these silver dollars are also known as "cart wheelers" because of their vibrant, shimmering mint luster. These truly are lovely artifacts of a time gone by.

Although Morgan silver dollars were minted in large quantities, very few survived the ravages of time and the melting pot. As result of the Pittman Act of 1918, nearly 270 million Morgan dollars were melted down into silver bars for export, and further melting occurred in the 1980s when silver prices skyrocketed. And only a tiny fraction of those survivors remain in near-gem Mint State 64 grade.

Because of their true scarcity, Morgan Dollars in MS64 are more insulated from the wide price-swings that have been the hallmark of silver spot price in recent years. In addition, they are far more sensitive to surges in demand, which means prices can rise much faster and further than silver bullion in a hot market.

When silver surged to a record-high of almost $50 per ounce in 2011, MS64 Morgan Silver Dollars traded at more than double today's price. Although demand ebbed as the silver price has retreated below $17 an ounce, availability of MS64 specimens has remained tight on the national market, making them ripe for future gains.

At half their 10-year high price, in the tightest supplied market we've ever seen, this special 10-coin set is an outstanding value today for silver investors and collectors. With a special discount and free shipping, it should not be passed up!

Designer: George T. Morgan