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To get to know us better, please take a moment to read what some of these investors and collectors say about our company, products, service, and expertise. We think you'll be impressed!

More Customer Feedback

Hi John,

A quick note to tell you that I received the coins and they look BEAUTIFUL! I have only opened one roll so far, but I'm sure they are all just as BEAUTIFUL as the one I looked at.

I'm in the middle of putting out a newsletter for our Legion Post right now so I'll keep this short. I'll call soon to talk about some gold, but it won't be till next week sometime.

Thanks again, it's nice to have a relationship with a distant metals dealer (out of the state so as not to incur sales tax), and the "wire" set-up makes things easier.

Talk next week,


Thank you again for your great service! The coins arrived sooner than we expected and we very much appreciate your expertise and follow-up with us. I have written a nice review and recommendation and plan to work with you again in the future. Thanks again!


Mr. Broccolo,

This letter is to serve two purposes, first is the remittance for invoice ... dated 17 July 2013 in the amount of $1,740.00. Payment and invoice are enclosed.

The second purpose is to express my gratitude for your customer service. I have found working with you and American Gold Exchange to be a pleasure. I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from our conversations concerning bullion and numismatic coins over the years, I now have complete confidence when making my precious metal purchases. In addition I would like to thank you for accommodating my precious metal orders, when ordering the Trade Dollar, you made sure I had a choice between coins then assisted in guiding my choice. Most recently the current order in which I had a specific denomination I requested, you did not try to sell me on something other than what I requested and setting my expectations on delivery of the order.

I am honored and privileged to have the opportunity to work with you. Thank you very much.

Best regards,


Thank you, Paul! If the whole world knew what great service you provide, and how much you help out investors like myself, there'd be no competition left! I look forward to doing more business with you this year!



I am a client of Michael Broccolo. To say I am impressed is an understatement.... I ask questions, he gives thorough answers. He encourages me to be knowledgeable. I've learned more from him about this subject than anyone I've talked to and anything I've read. It comes through the phone that he isn't about the quick sale but building a career and clients for the long term.... The other guys I spoke to at other places reminded me of impatient carnival barkers.... I come away from phone/emails feeling so good about him and my decision to have him as my metals advisor. In what I am finding out is a world filled with Wal-Mart clothing, he is an Armani. I assume you know what an excellent representative he is for American Gold Exchange.

Most sincerely,

Dear AGE

I received my shipment today. I am just writing to say how pleased I am not only with the product, but the entire purchasing experience. Well done. For what it's worth, I have purchased from Merit Financial and find AGE to be far superior in every way.

Again, congratulations on a job well done.



I am VERY IMPRESSED with your service so far. MUCH better than I have received from other people. I am already recommending your name/company to other people!



I want to thank you for your service...Super fast & the condition of the coin & sheer beauty of the whole item by far surpassed any expectations I had.... Thanks again...You have a new customer..



I want to congratulate you on your Gold Market Update emails over the past few years. Everything you wrote came true....And I never answer spam, but I actually read yours, and by golly you were right.


Dear Mr. Simonian

You and your team always follow through, and without fail.

Dealing with one's finances and money is a serious matter, and I have never had anything but a positive, safe, and mutually respectful experience with AGE.

I feel extremely fortunate to have chosen your firm first after reviewing the options via the internet so many years ago.

Respectfully Yours,

Dear Dana,

I received the shipment and I was impressed by the quality of the coins. When AGE says BU, they mean it. Other companies use that term very loosely. I'm glad I discovered your company. You have great prices, quality products, good customer service, and you are a company I can trust. That's a combo that just can't be beat.


Hi Dana,

Just a short email to let you know how much I appreciate AGE's attention to detail, its uncanny pulse on the market, and its integrity. The accuracy of your analysis is second to none. Over the past four years I made several major purchases and each time I was guided in the right direction - I'm up over 100% (33% annual appreciation) in all of the coins I purchased from you. So, the 1899 $20 Liberty I recently purchased was a no-brainer - it was done so in complete confidence. I look forward to doing business with y'all in the near future and the years to come.


Just wanted to say, I got my gold 10 guilder coin today, and it's great! You guys packaged it up so nicely! It was inside of a brown box, with a label "AGE", inside of that was the order forum, your card (very professional) and a paper envolope. Inside the paper envolope was a beautiful yellow box, inside the box was the coin in a non-PVC flip. I've ordered from you guys in the past and this is the first time I've gotten a coin in such a neat box. Thanks a bunch.



Thanks for the email. I got more information out of a few paragraphs from you than in a half-dozen phone calls with the people at [another major dealer]. It made me feel like a client rather than a buyer on EBay. Please keep my information in your system; the metals will probably go up, and you can position me into something better.

Thanks again,


Pleasure doing business with you. I am super happy with everything I have bought from you so far. I was rather unsure of doing business via phone/mail/internet but you have made it quite painless.

Thanks again,

Dear Dana,

Steve Sjuggerud of TRUE WEALTH recommended your outfit as one of only three or four nationwide where his readers would get treated really well.

I can see that on my own account, and I thank you for that courtesy. I look forward to doing further business with you in the future. I also see that your $10.00 Lib MS63 recommendation was very timely, and will pay special attention to your specific coin recommendations in future.

I would not hesitate to recommend AGE to any acquaintance who wishes to buy bullion or semi-numismatic coins.



Thank you and your staff for treating me like a V.I.P. I received the check for the sale of my coins today. I will always think of American Gold Exchange for my buying or selling needs. Thanks again.



This is a FANTASTIC web site, and I just thought you should be commended for its development. Told me everything I needed to know. Especially liked the 4 Step process for valuing my Silver Dollars. [see Coins Value Info]

Well done!

J. K.


Let me say that I am extremely impressed with AGE, and with your (and Dana's) professionalism and timely follow-up. I only wish I had heard of AGE before I made my first entry into the hard assets market with another company. I won't be doing business with them anymore. I sincerely appreciate your e-mails. I don't have time to chase links across the inter-net and I do most of my e-mail reading off-line, so I very much appreciate that you actually send me something of substance in your messages, and not just a link to go chase the information down on my own. I don't have time for that non-sense. You respect my time. I appreciate that.

I am very satisfied with the quality of the items sent to me by AGE and, when I am in a situation to increase my position further, you WILL be hearing from me. I am acutely aware of how important price/timing is and am impressed that you have done so much to keep me informed of market conditions.

You and AGE have earned my continued business. Rest assured, when I am able to make another move, YOU will be the one I call on!

V. S.

Dear Sirs,

Back in 2002 I got disgusted with the stock market after losing 40% of my IRA retirement account in less than one year. I asked AGE for recommendations on buying gold bullion coins and I transferred my IRA account into these. I also bought several numismatic coins based on their advice. To date, my IRA account is up 30%, and my collector coins are up even more. It may be timing, luck or skill on the part of AGE, but whatever it is, it has worked well for me. Thanks and keep up the good work.



I can assure you ... there is no one else in the world that I would do this type of business with. I am by nature a very conservative person and have learned that there are not many people in business that can be trusted. AGE has dispelled any fears I may have had about the Gold business and numismatics. I would say you have been most of the reason I trust AGE so much.


Dear AGE,

The advice you provided today helped me to target a coin I would have otherwise overlooked. You provided me with sufficient confidence to make a $10K purchase based solely on trust, while rekindling the very reason I became involved in this hobby: the sheer enjoyment of acquiring rare and unique coins.

Thank you,


I would like to thank you for your integrity and fine service with regard to my order for U.S. Gold Coins. I have been receiving your newsletter for the past year and finally decided it was past time to invest in "hard assets" again. I have been disappointed previously by a number of dealers, so I am relieved to find a company with ethics. The coins that I received were superb! I find the "Newsroom" on your website of be of great value in my time limited lifestyle. I look forward to doing further business with you in the near future.


Mr. Samuelson,

I certainly appreciate the time and advice you provided in your personal reply to my inquiry. I doubt that many presidents of companies take time out of their day to give personal advice to their clients! Thank you very much.

I regret my delay in responding to you, but the Internet has taken a back seat to my new sons. However, their births have given me the desire to invest in their respective futures. I regularly view your inventory for new coins and notice that it is updated quite often. I am still "stuck" on $20 gold pieces. The good news is that as long as I purchase a high a grade coin from you, I doubt that I can really stray wrong.

Thank you for your investment advice!

S. K.

Hi Dana,

I wanted to let you know that my Deutsches 20 Marks arrived today. They are in splendid condition, and I am quite pleased with the quality and selection of your numismatists. Also, thank you for the prompt and courteous communications.

I have, until now, preferred to deal face-to-face when working with coin dealers, but your entire business process -- from online browsing, to your helpful and friendly support, through to the seamless delivery -- has given me the comfort I needed to start dealing online and, more pointedly, solely with A.G.E.

As I look to solidify my liquid assets into hard, particularly gold, assets, I will be definitely turning to American Gold Exchange!


PS: Feel free to use my email above as a customer compliment for your website. I am a first time A.G.E. buyer, but I have been collecting coins all my life and have recently decided to solidify my liquid portfolio.


It has been a pleasure working with you. I am extremely impressed with your knowledge (of coins, bullion, the market, etc.), your professionalism, courteous good service, prompt communication, competitive prices, and, most importantly, your honor and integrity as a businessman. My wife and I have had extensive dealings with a variety of rare coin and bullion dealers over the last fifteen years and we have never had such a satisfying experience as we have consistently had with you and your capable staff at American Gold Exchange. Rest assured that all of our future dealings will be with you. Thank you, Dana!

A. and J.F.

Dear Dana,

I love working with your company. You are all so professional and friendly at the same time. I'm going to refer some friends to you as a thank you. I've bought from other dealers but no one else comes close. You guys are the best!

I really appreciate the book he sent. It is wonderfully informative, and was an unexpected kindness.

Thank you!


Dear Dana,

I just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation for the help and advice given me in my new trek into the world of numismatics. In the past I've only "dabbled" in a few modern U.S. proof sets and have a few gold coins handed down from my great grandparents. Never in my wildest dreams did I envision purchasing and owning this part of our American heritage. While "surfing" the net I ran across many gold and coin dealer web sites and nothing jumped out at me to say "give these guys a call." Your web site and the listing for the "Power Pairs" was the catalyst needed to push me over the top to finally make the decision to buy gold. All along my desires were to invest in gold using the rarity of the older mintage coins as leverage based on the great information provided on your web site. However, upon receiving my first order and admiring their beauty, right now I can't see parting with those pieces! With AGE's knowledge, advice, guarantee, and total customer satisfaction policy, it's almost like "mistake free" investing! I am by no means done with buying more rare gold coins, but rather I'm just beginning! I hope to purchase a lot more from AGE as I build my collection. Keep up the good work and I will definitely be back for more!


Dear Dana:

I am pleased to say I received my order of Gold American Eagle coins today. I am very happy with them, and I am extremely pleased with the professional handling of my order. I was quite surprised when I was notified by telephone after my order shipped. You don't hear of that everyday, and it is just one of many parts of the communication process that kept me informed every step of the way. Your high level of Customer Service is very much appreciated. It is comforting to know that I am dealing with a "Class" organization. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future. Thanks again!



I just wanted to express my satisfaction with my first purchase. My father has been buying silver for some time now and was still very impressed with the work that went into your product. He mentioned both the quality of the coin itself and the work that went into evaluating it. I am very happy with my last transaction and the research that I conducted before buying the coin has made me interested in getting my own precious metals portfolio started. Thanks for the professionalism.


Hi Dana

I received the 1898 $20. Liberty MS63 in exchange for the one I returned. Many thanks. It is a beautiful coin and I am triple pleased.

First, for your accepting an exchange.

Second, for your prompt and most polite exchange. (It must be a darn nuissance for you.)

Third, I could not believe you even refunded me my postage to you.

All this in addition to your good advice and patience with my questions. I will continue to accumulate a gold portfolio and follow your good advice.


Dear Dana,

Letting you know the order arrived yesterday, and that the coins, in particular the mint-state gold Power Pair, are exactly as beautiful in condition and quality as advertised. As soon as I can afford to do so, I plan on ordering from AGE again.

To a certain extent, I had some idea of buying these coins as an investment or as a way of having something of real value in the event of any sort of economic trouble.

But really looking at these and other coins for the first time, the thought occurs to me that the United States mints some incredibly beautiful coins, and just seeing and owning these are a joy in their own way, in addition to any security or investment potential they might have.

Not to mention looking at them and realizing how OLD they are. It's like owning a piece of American history! One of those coins is over a century old!

I'm very pleased with my order. Thank you!



This is to confirm the delivery of my new order of gold coins that has arrived today.

The Saint Gaudens is even more beautiful than I ever expected, there's no doubt it will be the prize of my collection. The gold 20 Franc French coins are also very nice, but I think I'll have to start sticking with U.S. coins. Seeing the $20 Saint Gaudens for the first time has renewed my love for US gold coins and the great history behind them.

I searched around on the web and made a lot of calls until I found that AGE is the best place to shop for my gold needs. I found plenty of other coin dealers that would sell the exact same coin & grade for as much as 100% over the price of what AGE would charge for some coins

Thanks again Dana for picking out some quality gold coins for me and answering all my questions. I Iook forward to placing my next order with you.

R. A.

Dear Dana,

As you know, I have purchased a number of coins from AGE over the past couple of years. I have always felt that the coins I bought were a good value at a fair price, and that was what good business is all about. A number of weeks ago, I asked you to keep your eye out for certain coins, and boy, did you deliver on your word!

The $10 Indian that you forwarded to me is the "best of the best" for the grade that I have ever seen. When I buy coins, I get a feeling of satisfaction in having acquired something that I've been searching for over time. This most recent coin moved me beyond satisfaction to a rare state of excitement! It is all that you said it was, and more. Thanks for your time and effort in helping me get this piece. As usual, your interest in my interests has allowed me to purchase something very special. Your advice and eye for quality have helped me enhance my collection remarkably.

Thanks for all that you and your staff have done.

Peter, RI
(A regular customer)


The gold arrived today. Thanks for the prompt service. I'll recommend you to anyone who asks. Happy Holidays!


Mr. Samuelson,

I just received my 1907-D MS65 Double Eagle. It is a beautiful coin, a gem worthy of the name. Thank you.


Hi Dana.

My gold bullion order arrived safely this morning. Beautiful!!

Thanks again for making it easy to do business with you.

Warm regards,
Kay W. WI
(Another first time buyer -- a $35,000 purchase)

Dear AGE,

Just wanted to say, for someone just breaking into gold and silver coin investing/collecting, yours is a fantastic website: best I've been able to find! Thanks!

(A prospect)

Dear Dana,

God Bless you, and thank you again so very much for taking the time to answer my questions and for being so kind. That is something you just don't find much anymore, someone who is kind enough to take the time to help someone when there is no profit for them. As I said, God Bless!

(A nice woman with a few old coins and no idea what they were worth)

Dear Mr. Samuelson,

I got your package yesterday. The 1897-O $10 was the best MS62 I have ever seen of any date in the series. I love it. As I mentioned on the telephone, I have a new want list for Liberty Eagles:

1879-O, 1889-CC, 1883-O<85> F or VF
1880-CC, 1882-CC, 1883-CC, 1884-CC<85>XF
1880-O, 1881-O<85>XF or AU
1890-CC, 1899-O, 1901-O, 1904-O<85>MS62

These should keep you looking for a while. Also, if you see nay coin in the series (1879-1907) in MS62 or MS63 that is as choice for the grade as the 1897-O here and costs $1,500 or less, I shall probably be interested.

S.Y., IN


Thank you for the time you spent selecting our Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars. We are very happy with them!

Best wishes,
W. R.

Hi Dana-

I have been out of town for the past three weeks and I'm tardy answering my mail. The coin arrived just a couple of days before I left town. I am happy with the coin and am looking forward to doing more business with you into the future.

Nothing like a little rare gold to raise the spirits!


Hi Dana,

Got my package today. I wish these other yahoos were as easy to buy from as you are. That's why I like to do business with you!

(A regular customer)

Hi Dana,

Just a note to let you know that I got the coins today, and I couldn't be more pleased. I only wish I could've gotten more, but my budget just doesn't allow it at this time.

I wish you and your family the very best this holiday season and in the upcoming New Year. Thanks for the great deal!

M.W., TX
(A first time buyer)


I read your article regarding the price of gold ["Gold at $1700"]. Excellent job! "The bubble" has scared the hell out of me for the past number of years and your article put it into perspective. Regardless, information is power, and I thank you for keeping me, as a customer, in the loop.

Peter R, RI

Dear Dana,

Thanks for sharing your personal relationship with Jimmy Blanchard and the history of his personal efforts on behalf of gold ownership and freedom! Your article, "Gold at $1,700" was masterful.

F. F.

Dear Dana

The 1892 $20 sounds good. No question it is a good price and you seem to be one of the best in offering me sound advice as to the potential for profit in rare coin purchases. Let's talk this morning and finalize this.

(A first time rare coin buyer. This coin was valued just under $80,000)


I just wanted to let you know the 1906 NGC MS66 RED Indian Cent I purchased from you is gorgeous as advertised, and I am very happy with it. I know you don't normally deal in this denomination, but if you ever come across Indians of similar quality I am always interested.

A very satisfied customer,
P. H.

Dear Dana

Got the coin today. Great! If my stock market performance turns around, I may yet come back to you, instead of Eastern Numismatics, to buy again.


Hi Dana,

Received coins today in good order. Very well packaged! Very pleased with date selection! Will do business again.

Many Thanks


I picked up my package of "Lucky Angels" this morning at the Post Office. The coins look beautiful. Do you have any 1888 dates? I would like to get one for my daughter who was born in 1988.

(First time buyer, now regular buyer)

Hi Dana,

I received the Helvetias yesterday and thanks. They were excellent, very nice. Many different dates also.

Thanks again,

Hi Dana,

Thanks for keeping me informed on what is going on. These are tough times and I now regret more than ever that I had to dispose of my holdings. I look forward to selling at least one of my three houses here so that I can jump back in to gold, what I think is the only really wise investment at this time.

You'll never know how much it has meant to me to have you as a friend. You have played a great part in helping me to survive the various financial mountains I had to climb. Maybe soon I'll be able to reach the top. It would never have happened without your kind help.


Good Evening Dana -

I found your "Gold at $1700" article to be very interesting and informative information -- specifically, the Dow-to-Gold Ratio. So, for small investors -- that is, investors who might want to spend 7K to 10K in gold; what are your recommendations?

Should the investment be in US or foreign Gold coins? Or, should the small investor consider gold bars/bullion? Thanks for the information.


Dear American Gold Exchange,

What is the date that this article [Gold at $1700] was written? It appears to be prophecy being fulfilled!

Thank you,
D. B.
(We wrote "Gold at $1,700" in July/August 2001, by the way)

Hello Dana!

Thank you for your newsletters. I totally agree with your logic about gold. I wish I had known about you when I first started to speculate on gold a little over a year ago.

M. S.


You work too hard. You should be a CPA.

H. D.

Dear Dana

For a first time buyer it was wonderfull to be treated as if I was spending a million $$. Thank you very much. You have a small customer for good.

The service was great!

Thank you


Received my check back for the bezels. Thank you for being so understanding on my mix up. It<92>s been a pleasure doing business with you. I would recommend you to anyone who needs a friendly and honest coin dealer.

Thanks again,

Received your confirmation. I like doing business with A.G.E. Your prices are fair and honest. You do not try to hype me into stuff I do not want. Your confirmations of orders, check receipts , and delivery times are prompt.

Keep it up.
R. D.

Dear Mr. Samuelson,

I got your package yesterday. Each coin was beautiful, choice for the grade, and reasonably priced. The 1881-P $10 gold eagle was a steal in view of its rarity in the grade (MS64). I enclose payment for $11,705 for the 3 coins. I also enclose a list of my $10 Liberty set with check marks noting the coins I wish to upgrade.

Thank you for your consideration.