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Selling coins and bullion

AGE is eager to assist you in selling part or all of your coin collection or precious metals portfolio. We are especially interested in purchasing US silver dollars, Mint State US gold coins, and bullion items. We pay top prices.

If you have coins or bars you wish to sell, please take a few minutes to review the following procedures and guidelines.

1. Contact Dana Samuelson via email at .
  1. List the coins you wish to sell.
    Please provide the following information for each coin:
    • Denomination
    • Year minted
    • Mintmark
    • Grade -- certified or raw?
  2. If your coin is certified --
    Certified coins have been officially graded and sealed in transparent plastic casings by PCGS, NGC, or another certification firm. Included in the casing is printed information certifying the coin's grade and authenticity. Read more about certified coins.
    • Copy the grade and other information listed above from the coin holder to your inventory list.

  3. If your coin is "raw," or uncertified --
    Most coins, of course, have not been graded by one of the major certification firms. They often are loosely stored in tubes or transparent flip pouches.
    • Estimate whether your coin appears to be "used" or "new," and write this on your inventory list. Used, or circulated, coins exhibit some wear on the highest surfaces of the designs.
    • If you don't understand how to convey the necessary information --
      Send Dana a brief email listing your coins as best you can and he will tell you what to look for and how to proceed most effectively.
2. Receive our free Approximate Value Estimate

After we receive your emailed descriptions, Dana will provide you with an Approximate Value Estimate of your coins, to the best of his ability.

Please note: Grade is one of the most important factors in determining the value of a coin. We cannot properly determine the grade of any raw coins unless we can examine them. We do our best to tell you what your coins may be worth sight unseen.

3. If you're interested in having AGE purchase your coins.

If we believe we can help you further, you will be asked to send your coins to our offices for examination and a precise valuation.

Important! Please DO NOT send coins to AGE without prior authorization. If your coins were purchased from AGE, we can probably give you a "sight-unseen" quote by phone because we've already vetted them. If your coins were purchased elsewhere, we'll need to examine them before we can offer a quote. But in either case, please do not send coins without prior approval.