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Buying Certified American Platinum Eagles

American Platinum Eagles are among the most popular platinum bullion coins in the world. They were first produced by the US Mint in 1997. The 2017 issue marked the 20th anniversary of their welcome debut.

American Platinum Eagles are legal tender and have the highest face value ($100) of any US coin ever minted. The beautiful design features the John Mercanti "Portrait of Liberty" on the obverse. The reverse is graced with the majestic "Soaring Bald Eagle" by Thomas D. Rogers. Platinum Eagles are the only platinum bullion coins backed by the US government for weight and metal content.

Low mintage, great value

During the first few years of production, mintage totals for Platinum Eagles were relatively large, as you can see in the mintage chart below. But since 2000, mintages have been remarkably low, ranging from 4,700 to 20,800 per year through 2008. Inn six of the past ten years, no Platinum Eagles were made at all!

Mintages for 2016 and 2017 are 20,000; 2018 mintage is 30,000. Only a tiny fraction of those are certified as MS70 First Strike coins. Because of this minscule production, premiums can rise substantially in the secondary market as time passes. The potential for a strong collector premium is very high with these coins.

US Platinum Eagles are eligible for IRAs.

Benefits of American Platinum Eagles MS-70, PCGS First Strikes

Best of the best -- Mint State 70 is the highest Mint State grade, and "First Strikes" are among the first coins struck on new, polished dies. Certified for authenticity and grade by PCGS, one of the most respected certification companies in the world.

Platinum content guaranteed by the US -- American Platinum Eagles are the only platinum bullion coins guaranteed as to weight and platinum content by the US government.

Highest quality platinum -- Each one-ounce Platinum American Eagle is minted in 99.95% fine platinum and weighs 1.0005 troy ounces.

Private and non-reportable -- American Platinum Eagles are non-reportable the IRS by brokers. They offer complete financial privacy and the security.