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Because of onerous new state laws on sales taxes for precious metals products, AGE is no longer shipping some metals to some states, as listed in the table below. If you live in one of these states and wish to purchase the specified metals, you must have them shipped to another state.

Separately, a minimum order is required for delivery to some states, also listed below. Order minimums may be met only by purchasing items that are available for shipment to those states. All gold and silver items are available for delivery to all states with the exception of non-denominational bars and rounds to Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming.

If you add an item to your shopping cart for shipment to a state where it is unavailable, you will receive an error message when checking out. Please use your browser's back button to remove the item or change to an acceptable shipping address.

For all states not listed below, all AGE products are available for shipment with no minimum order.

X = Unavailable for shipment

 State Platinum Palladium Copper Minimum
 Alabama X
 Arizona X
 California X X X $1,500
 Colorado X
 Connecticut X X X $1,000
 Florida $500
 Georgia X X
 Iowa X
 Kansas X
 Massachusetts X X X $1,000
 Maryland X $1,000
 Michigan X X
 Missouri X
 North Carolina X
 North Dakota X
 Rhode Island X
 South Carolina X X
 Texas X X
 Utah X X
 Virginia X X $1,000
 Wyoming X X X