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Canada Palladium Maple Leafs, BU

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Buying Canada Palladium Maple Leafs

Canada Palladium Maple Leafs in choice Brillinat Uncirculated {BU) grade are an excellent way to buy palladium bullion. Backed by the Canadian Royal Mint for weight and metal content, each coin contains a full troy ounce of .9995 fine palladium. Launched in 2005, they were the first palladium coin produced by a government mint.

Palladium is a sister-metal to platinum and has many of the same industrial applications, such use in the catalytic converters of automobiles. But palladium is far less expensive than platinum, making it increasingly more attractive to industry and a better choice, in our opinion.

Benefits of Canada Palladium Maple Leafs

Highest quality palladium
-- Each 1-ounce Palladium Maple Leaf contains a full troy ounce of palladium, minted in 99.995% fine purity.

Content guaranteed
-- Canadian Palladium Maple Leafs are the first governmental coins to be minted in palladium. They are guaranteed as to weight and content by the Royal Canadian Mint. Each coin is stamped with its weight and palladium content.

Official legal tender
-- Palladium Maple Leafs are the only genuine legal tender palladium coins currently issued. Each 1-ounce coin has a face value of $50CDN, although the trading value fluctuates with the value of palladium.

Better than bars and ingots
-- We recommend Canadian Maple Leafs over palladium bars and ingots because they're far easier to sell, store, and transport. They do not incur the additional costs of assaying when it is time for you to sell.

Perfect mint quality
-- Canadian Maple Leaf palladium coins are taken directly from the Canadian Royal Mint press and sealed in transparent cellophane so their quality remains virtually perfect.

Beautiful designs
-- The bust of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Arnold Machin, graces on the obverse side. The reverse depicts the traditional Canadian Maple Leaf image.

Instant liquidity
-- Palladium Maple Leafs are saleable at market value anywhere and anytime.

Easy to store and transport
-- Palladium bullion coins are compact, convenient, and easy to store or transport.