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AGE's Trade-In Blow Outs (TIBOs) are high-quality gold and silver coins received in trade from regular customers, typically because they've upgraded to coins of greater scarcity and value.

TIBOs are "liquidation coins" that we're selling at dealer-to-dealer prices as a service to our customers. Especially for bulk gold and silver investors, these items are exceptional values because they're priced well below retail.

Rest assured that all coins listed here are quite nice in overall quality and eye-appeal for their grade. Any marginal pieces have already been culled out and sold in bulk to the wholesale market. You will not find coins of this quality priced lower anywhere in the country!

Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often because TIBO inventory changes quickly. At these prices they won't last long, so get 'em while you can! Call 1-800-613-9323 to inquire.

Featured Rare Coins
    $20 Liberty Type 3 1884-CC AU-58 PCGS
    $1 Morgan Dollars 1886 MS-63 NGC
    $10 Liberty Coronet Motto 1901-S MS-66 PCGS
    $1 Flowing Hair 1795 XF-40 PCGS
    $3 1887 MS-65 PCGS
    $20 Liberty Type 3 1907-D MS-64 NGC
    $10 1860 AU-53 PCGS
    $3 1888 PR-62 PCGS
    $5 Capped Bust 1809 MS-62 NGC
    $20 Saint Motto 1909 MS-63 PCGS
    $20 Saint High Relief 1907 AU-53 PCGS
Coin Comment Quantity
U.S. Peace Silver Dollar AUOffer these AU Peace silver dollars at $18.95 per coin!289
Uruguay Gold 5 Peso BUOffer these one year only (1930), quarter ounce Uruguay 5 Pesos at melt plus 4%. Save $8 to $12 per coin off our normal pricing.33