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Shipping coins to AGE

To ensure a safe shipment, please follow these instructions.

1. Use only Registered Mail via the U.S. Postal Service.
  • Your package is held under lock and key separate from regular mail, and signed for at every step of the way until we pick it up at the post office. We've shipped and received thousands of packages this way without loss.
  • Insure the package for full value. This is extremely important in order to protect your investment.
  • DO NOT send coins via UPS, FedEx, DHL, or other private delivery services. These carriers will not delivery to a PO Box.
2. Packaging your coins for shipment to AGE
  1. Create a packing list. Your packing list should include:
    • Your name
    • Your mailing address
    • Your day-time and evening telephone numbers
    • A complete inventory list of what you are sending

      Note: If you are sending multiple boxes, you can use one master inventory list. We recommend that you include a copy of the master inventory list in all boxes, and highlight the contents of each box individually.

    • Keep a copy for yourself until we either pay you or ship your coins back to you.

  2. Package your coins securely in a sturdy cardboard box. If total weight is more than a few pounds, you may be able to save in shipping cost by picking up a Priority Flat Rate box from your local post office. Note: Priority Flat Rate boxes must be shipped via Registered Mail.

    Please take these important steps in order to ensure safe shipping.

    1. Secure your coins inside the box so they will not rattle around and bang against each other in transit. Fill up empty space in the box with crumpled newspaper, paper towels, or packaging peanuts if necessary. If your coins are in a tube, be sure to wrap tape around the tube to prevent it from opening during transit.

    2. Include your packing list described above.

    3. Secure the outside of your package with reinforced filament tape to make sure it does not open in transit. Do not use Scotch tape, standard box tape, or other unreinforced tapes. Cover only seams with filament tape, not the entire box, as the brown paper tape required in Step iv (see below) will not stick to the filament tape and must have maximum exposed cardboard to adhere properly.

    4. Important! Cover package entirely with brown paper tape.

      After securing your box with reinforced filament tape, you must then wrap the outside of your package entirely with brown paper tape, the kind with the glue on the back that must be moistened for application. Your package MUST be completely wrapped in brown paper tape in order for the Post Office to accept it as Registered Mail.

      NOTE: If you are using a Priority Flat Rate box, you must leave the wording "Priority Flat Rate Box" exposed and not covered by tape. All other surfaces must be covered by brown paper tape.

      The brown paper tape seals the box completely, thus protecting your package from tampering. Some post offices will provide it but please check with your local post office as not all provide this service. Otherwise, you can purchase some at your local office supply or shipping store.

      The Post Office will not accept the box if any tape is loose or peeling. All outside tape seams will be stamped by the Post Office with an official Day/Date stamp, proving that it was received by the postal clerk in good order.

    5. Address your package to:

      P.O. Box 9426
      Austin, TX 78766-9426

      Please Note: As a precaution we ask you to use "AGE" in the address rather than "American Gold Exchange," as the appearance of the word "gold" could invite theft.

  3. Complete the U.S. Registered Mail declarations form. At the Post Office, carefully include the following information on the U.S. Registered Mail declarations form:

    • Your name and mailing address
    • Our name and mailing address
    • The declared insurance value
    --Be sure to check the little box that reads, "with postal insurance," and declare the full value of your coins.

    Important! Although you need not (and should not) identify the contents of the package, you MUST declare the full value of the package for insurance purposes. In the extremely rare event that your package is lost or stolen, the declared value is the maximum amount of money the post office will reimburse to you.

    Important! U.S. Registered Mail has a $50,000 insurance limit. If you have merchandise in excess of $50,000 you will need to ship it in multiple boxes to be properly insured.

  4. Retain your copy of the Registered Mail form. Keep it safe until you receive confirmation that we've received your package (normally 7 to 10 business days after you send it). This form is your proof of shipment and insurance in the event of loss.

    In most instances the postal clerk will affix a red sticker displaying your registered mail number (for example, RB 123 456 789 US) onto your package, and write the registered mail number on your form.

  5. When your package arrives at our post office. We'll sign for it and examine its contents, then call you within 24 hours with a precise assessment of your coins and our purchase offer.

  6. If you accept our offer. We'll forward a company check to you within twenty-four hours.

  7. If you do not accept our offer. We'll send your coins back to you by U.S. Registered Mail, insured for full value, just like you sent them to us. We'll even pay return postage. Typically, your coins will be in shipped within 24 hours.

  8. Terms and Conditions.
Fig. 1 - Create a package list
Fig. 2a - Secure your coins in a sturdy box
Fig. 2c - Reinforced with filament tape.
Fig. 2d - Completely cover with brown paper tape.
Fig. 2e - Address to AGE
Fig. 3 - Complete Registered Mail declarations form
Fig. 4 - Retain your copies of the U.S. Registered Mail forms
Fig. 5 - Package with U.S. Registered Mail sticker