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Buying American Platinum Eagles

We are very pleased to offer US Platinum Eagles in Brilliant Uncirculated condition, the only platinum bullion coin backed for weight and purity by the United States Government.

The U.S. Mint debuted 1-oz Platinum Eagles in 1997. During the first few years, mintage totals were relatively large, as you can see in the mintage chart below. But since 2000, mintages have been remarkably low, ranging from 4,700 to less than 20,800 per year through 2016. In six of the past ten years, no Platinum Eagles were made at all!

2017 mintage was under 30,000 pieces. Because of this low mintage, premiums have already risen in the secondary market. Projected 2018 mintage is uncertain at this time. The potential for a strong collector premium is high with these coins!

Strong platinum fundamentals

Today both gold and platinum are undervalued, but platinum more so. Yet its fundamentals are very strong. The World Platinum Investment Council reports platinum has been in a modest supply deficit for the last five years. With annual demand exceeding mine production and recycling supplies, this deficit is projected to continue for the next several years.

We do not expect the current platinum-to-gold discount to continue. The ongoing supply deficit is likely to reach a tipping point, and renewed demand in Asia and Europe can trigger much higher prices. Global demand for autos is expected to reach a record in 2017, which will also be bullish for platinum. As these fundamentals take hold, platinum should regain its traditional premium over gold.

Platinum Eagles are a bargain, and they offer precisely the kind of "double play" leverage we look for in our recommendations. They'll gain with a rebound in platinum, plus they have the potential for additional collector premiums because of low mintages. They receive our highest recommendation! Get 'em while you can!

Legal tender platinum coins

Issued by the U.S. Mint as legal tender, 1-oz American Platinum Eagle have the highest face value ($100) of any U.S. coin ever minted. A truly beautiful design, the obverse features the "Portrait of Liberty" by John Mercanti. The reverse shows the majestic "Soaring Bald Eagle" by Thomas D. Rogers, Sr. They are the only platinum bullion coins backed by the U.S. government for weight and metal content.

U.S. Platinum Eagles are eligible for IRAs.

Benefits of American Platinum Eagles

Highest quality platinum -- Each one-ounce Platinum American Eagle is minted in 99.95% fine platinum and weighs 1.0005 troy ounces.

Content guaranteed -- American Eagles are the only bullion platinum coins guaranteed as to weight and platinum content by the U.S. government. Each coin is stamped with its platinum content.

Official legal tender -- Platinum Eagles are the only genuine legal tender platinum coins issued by the United States Mint. The one-ounce Eagle has the highest face value ($100) of any U.S. coin ever minted.

Private and non-reportable -- American Platinum Eagles are non-reportable the IRS by brokers. They offer complete financial privacy and the security.

Eligible for Individual Retirement Accounts -- Unlike some other platinum bullion coins, American Eagles are eligible to fund IRAs.

Instantly liquid -- American Platinum Eagle coins are saleable at market value anywhere and anytime.

Easy to store and transport -- Platinum bullion coins are compact, convenient, and easy to store or transport. We pack them securely in 3-inch tall break-proof plastic tubes, perfect for home safes and bank safety deposit boxes.

Better than bars and ingots -- We recommend platinum bullion coins like American Eagles over bars and ingots because they are far easier to sell, store, and transport, and do not incur the additional costs of assaying.