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Britain Silver Britannia

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Buying Britain Silver Britannias

1 oz Silver Britannias from the British Royal Mint are a popular silver bullion coin from one of the world's most trusted national mints. Each Britannia contains a full troy ounce of .999 fine silver, guaranteed by the British government, making these coins among the purest you can buy.

Historic Britannia Design

Until 2023, the obverse depicts a realistic, right-profile image of Queen Elizabeth II from a 2015 design by Jody Clark. It is the fifth generation of QEII images on British coinage. The design includes the George IV State Diadem Crown along with the abbreviated Latin slogan "Dei Gratia Regina," meaning "Queen by the Grace of God."

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 and the succession to the throne by her son, Prince Charles, a new design featuring King Charles III was introduced in 2023. Created by Martin Jennings, the left-profile bust presents the new monarch without a crown on his head, a tradition established by previous British kings on coinage.

The reverse design features Philip Nathan's classic image of Britannia, the mythic personification of Britain as warrior goddess. She stands proudly at the ready, brandishing a trident of war in her right hand and an olive branch of peace in her left.

The figure of Britannia was first depicted on coinage by Roman Emperor Hadrian after Rome expanded into the British Isles more than 2,000 years ago. She has graced coins under every British monarch since Charles II in 1672.

Enhanced Security Features

Starting with the 2021 issue, the Royal Mint added new elements to the reverse field to enhance security and prevent counterfeiting. These include micro text around the main element; tincture lines on the Union Jack shield; a subtle animation feature in background field; and an image in a circle on the lower left that changes from padlock to trident when the viewing angle shifts.

Pure Silver Coins, .999 fine

Like American Silver Eagles, 1 oz Silver Britannias are beautifully struck in .999 fine silver. Carrying a denomination of 2 pounds, they are legal tender in Great Britain.

Benefits of 1 oz Silver Britannias

Highest quality silver
-- Each silver Britannia contains a full troy ounce of .999 fine pure silver, just like American Silver Eagles, making them one of the purest silver bullion products available anywhere.

Instant liquidity
-- 1-oz. silver Britannias are saleable at market value anywhere silver bullion is traded.

Easy to store and transport
-- Silver Britannias are compact, convenient, and easy to store or transport. We pack them securely in 3-inch tall break-proof plastic tubes, perfect for home safes and bank safety deposit boxes.

Better than bars and ingots
-- We recommend silver Britannias over silver bars and ingots because they are easier to sell, store and transport, and incur no assaying costs.