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2024 Canada Gold Maple Leafs

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Buying Canada Gold Maple Leafs

Among the purest gold coins in the world, Canada Maple Leaf gold bullion coins in Brilliant Uncircualted (BU) grade are an excellent way to buy bulk gold. Since their first issue in 1979, Royal Canadian Mint gold bullion coins have been universally praised for their unsurpassed beauty, quality, and purity. They are traded and collected worldwide.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II in 2022 and the succession to the throne by her son, Prince Charles, a new design featuring King Charles III was introduced in 2024. In keeping with tradition, the left-profile bust presents the new monarch without a crown on his head, a tradition established by previous British kings on Canadian coinage.

Gold Maple Leafs are minted in .9999 fine pure gold. The reverse depicts a large maple leaf, symbol of Canada, with the guaranteed weight and purity.

Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins are eligible for precious metals IRAs. (See below.)

Benefits of Canada Gold Maple Leafs

Minted in pure gold
-- Minted in 99.99% fine gold, the Canadian Maple Leaf is the purest gold bullion coin in the world. Many gold investors prefer the purity of the Maple Leaf to American Eagles, which have small amounts of copper and silver added to increase durability but add no real value.

Government guaranteed content
-- Gold Maple Leaf bullion coins are minted by the Royal Canadian mint, which guarantees their gold content and purity. Each 1-ounce coin contains a full troy ounce of gold and has a face value of $50 (CDN). The Gold Maple Leaf is legal tender in Canada, a country that is widely respected for its independence and stability.

Instant liquidity
-- Canadian Maple Leafs gold are readily saleable at gold market value worldwide because of their recognized purity and quality.

Easy to store and transport
-- Gold bullion coins are compact, convenient, and easy to store or transport. We pack them securely in 3-inch tall, break-proof plastic tubes that are perfect for home safes and bank safety deposit boxes.

Better than bars and ingots
-- We recommend gold bullion coins like Canadian Maple Leafs over gold bars and ingots because they're far easier to sell, store, and transport. Plus, they do not incur additional costs of assaying when it is time for you to sell. With the advent of government-issue bullion coins many gold bar manufacturers have been put out of business.

Perfect mint quality
-- Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins are taken directly from the Royal Mint press and put directly into 20 coin mint storage tubes. Although they might occasionally get a small contact nick, their quality remains virtually perfect, like the day they were made.

Beautiful coin designs
-- Many people enjoy collecting Canadian Maple Leaf gold bullion coins simply for their beauty. The bust of Queen Elizabeth II, designed by Arnold Machin, graces on the obverse side. The reverse depicts the traditional Canadian Maple Leaf image.

Eligible for Individual Retirement Accounts
-- Unlike some other gold bullion coins, Canada Gold Maple Leafs are eligible to fund IRAs. In order to add them to your IRA portfolio you must have an independent custodian hold your gold. American Gold Exchange works closely with several suitable IRA custodians. Please call 1-800-613-9323 for details.