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U.S. Buffalo Gold Coins, BU

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Buying American Gold Buffalo Coins

First minted in 2006, American Buffalo gold coins are the only .9999 fine, 24-karat gold coins ever struck by the U. S. Mint. (American Eagle gold coins are .9167 fine, alloyed with small amounts of copper and silver.) Bearing a denomination of $50, they are intended as a convenient way to own pure, 24-karat gold in the form of legal tender coins whose content and purity are guaranteed by the United States Government.

Classic buffalo nickel design

The new American Buffalo gold coin is modeled on the beloved buffalo nickel, first issued in 1913 and still one of America's most popular coins. Although substantially larger in size and weight, it features the same original designs as the fabled nickel, created by noted American sculptor James Earle Fraser (once a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens) to showcase the history of the American West. The obverse depicts the classic profile of a Native American chief; the reverse displays the image of the American bison.

American Gold Buffalo coins are eligible for precious metals IRAs.

Benefits of American Buffalo gold coins

Gold content guaranteed by the U.S.
-- American Buffaloes are the only 24-karat bullion gold coins guaranteed as to weight and gold content by the U.S. government.

Minted in 24-karat gold
-- Unlike American Eagle gold coins, which are minted in 91.67% pure gold alloyed with a small amount of silver and copper, American Buffaloes are minted in 24-karat, 99.99% pure gold with a weight of one ounce.

Easy to store and transport
-- American Buffaloes are pre-packaged by the U.S. Mint in transparent plastic sheets for protection. They are compact, convenient, and easy to store or transport.

Perfect mint quality
-- American Buffalo gold coins are taken directly from the minting press and sealed in protective plastic sheets. Their quality remains virtually perfect, like the day they were minted.

Better than bars and ingots
-- We recommend gold bullion coins like American Buffaloes over gold bars and ingots because they're far easier to sell, store, and transport, and do not incur the additional costs of assaying when it is time for you to sell. With the advent of government-issue bullion coins in the last 20 years, most gold bar manufacturers have been put out of business.

Instant liquidity
-- American Buffalo gold coins are saleable at gold market value almost anywhere in the world. They are backed by the U.S. government for purity and weight.

Eligible for precious metals IRAs
-- American Buffalo gold coins are eligible to fund IRAs. In order to include them in your IRA portfolio, you must have an independent custodian to hold your gold. American Gold Exchange works closely with several suitable IRA custodians. Please call 1-800-613-9323 for details.