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1892-O Coronet Motto $10 NGC MS-62

Featured Rare Coin Details


Coin Information

1892-o coronet motto $10 ngc ms-62 (21984103009)

This 1892 $10 Liberty minted in New Orleans has a low original mintage of just 28,688 coins struck. Most were used as currency so survivors in Mint Condition are scarce to rare. Today we know there are 225-MS60, 525-MS61, 320-MS62, 9-MS63, with none grading higher. An MS63 example, if available, trades for almost four times the price of this MS62.

Grade: MS-62
Service: NGC
Denomination: $10
Year: 1892-O
Price: $2,175

Basis: gold @ $1,276.26, 05/21/19
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