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1903-S Coronet Motto $10 NGC MS-66

Featured Rare Coin Details


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1903-S coronet motto $10 ngc ms-66 (657804301)

The 1903-s $10 Liberty is known population of only 66 coins in MS66, 12 in MS66+, and 12 in MS67, with none higher. In this grade the 1903-S is approximately seven times scarcer than the 1901-S which is considered the common date for the series. The 1901-S has a known population of 466 in MS66, with 35 known in MS66+ and 31 in MS67. Trading today at a small 10% premium to the common date, this 1903-S $10 Liberty is a great value by comparison.

Grade: MS-66
Service: NGC
Denomination: $10
Year: 1903-S
Price: $4,575
Basis: gold @ $2,028.83, 02/22/24
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