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AGE Gold Commentary is our regular report analyzing trends in precious metals and rare coins. We monitor domestic and international markets and extrapolate from our 30 years in metals to place current events into a hard asset perspective. View archives.

7/17/2024: Gold poised for new breakout!

5/20/2024: Silver breaks out!

5/6/2024: Gold eases on profit-taking

4/22/2024: Middle East on the brink!

4/9/2024: Is the canary singing?

3/11/2024: What's next for gold

3/4/2024: Why is gold hitting new highs?

2/19/2024: Gold surprises as Powell un-pivots!

11/15/2023: Gold pressing toward new high

7/24/2023: Gold setting up for major rally

3/13/2023: Gold rebounding after dip

1/31/2023: The Keys to Higher Gold

1/4/2023: Gold and silver in 2023

11/14/2022: Gold breaks out!

8/15/2022: Gold, silver still undervalued

8/1/2022: Inflation’s Disruptive Power, Pt 2 – Cost and Effect

7/26/2022: Inflation's Disruptive Power, Pt 1 -- Then and Now

7/6/2022: Strong dollar puts gold on sale

5/18/2022: Precious metals finding support

11/1/2021: Gold's next leg higher

7/7/2021: Gold, debt, and real yields

3/18/2021: Gold hit by surge in yields

12/8/2020: Gold shines again in 2020

10/8/2020: Gold gathers for another surge

6/25/2020: Gold poised for record run

5/18/2020: Deja vu all over again!

2/20/2020: Gold's bull market gathers strength

12/9/2019: Gold's quietly spectacular 2019

8/7/2019: Gold breaks out above $1,500

6/4/2019: Turning Point - Gold Climbing Again

9/5/2018: Gold firms as dollar weakens

7/11/2018: Summer dip creates golden opportunity

4/5/2018: Gold positioned for breakout

2/7/2018: Gold Bullish in 2018

12/8/2017: Gold's Bullish Uptrend Intact

6/6/2017: Bullish momentum building

3/28/2017: Gold Rallies as Dollar Falls

2/9/2017: Gold surges on fading Trump Bump

7/11/2016: Gold, silver break out!

2/15/2016: Why gold gained $100 last week

10/14/2015: Gold breaks out in solid uptrend!

1/21/2015: Gold Breaks Out on Rising Volatility

11/25/2014: The Swiss Gold Initiative

10/6/2014: Dollar rally pressures metals

8/4/2014: Gold signals bullish shift


Metal Ask      Change
Gold $2,407.21           Price Change Up Arrow $0.66
Silver $29.24           Price Change Down Arrow $-0.10
Platinum $970.25           Price Change Down Arrow $-3.28
Palladium $950.27           Price Change Up Arrow $8.08
In US Dollars

AGE Daily Gold Update

Gold tumbles on profit-taking
New York spot gold tumbled 2.3% to close under $2,396 as Treasury yields and the dollar rebounded for a second ... read more